C2E2 Report

Warning: this post contains graphic novel content and a ton of geeking out.  Proceed at your own risk.

This past weekend, which seems an eternity ago thanks to a persistent and exceedingly unpleasant sinus infection, I attended C2E2 (Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo) for the third time. 

I admit that the first time I went, I was a little embarrassed.  I was a new librarian and hadn't fully embraced my geekery.  I still wanted to be "cool."  And then, after I went, and I saw people of all shapes and sizes and colors being themselves, doing what they love, and having fun, I was like, "I'm in."  Sign me up for the Geek Brigade.  I mean, look, it's not like my geekiness was any secret: I was named Madame Curie in the Senior Dumb Awards (I'm just amazed that my classmates knew who I was, as I took great pains to be invisible in high school).  But it was always something that I was embarrassed about, like, "Yeah, I love reading, but I just can't help it."  Now I'm all, "HECK YEAH READING!  YOU!  YOU THERE!  READ THIS BOOK AND THEN LET US SQUEE!"  

I blame Twitter and Tumblr for a lot of this.  But also just ... growing up and figuring out who I am and being willing to stand up for who I am.  

I apologize for the copious amounts of schmaltzy introspection, so let's talk pictures and what I did!  Unfortunately, I didn't make it to any panels this year.  It's a complicated story, so let's leave it at that. Also, I apologize for any shaky photos.  I either needed more caffeine or had had too much, as is my normal oscillation.  

You do not want to mess with this Wookie Warrior.  No.
He'll pull your arms off.
Let the Wookie win.

Stealth photo of Art Baltazar signing!  The man must be a machine, because every time I went through Artist's Alley, he was there.  

Matt Kindt!  If you aren't already reading Mind MGMT, stop.  Go buy or borrow it.  Read it.  Get back to me.

Me and Cap!  I could probably do a Peggy Carter cosplay ... hmm.

LEGO Jango!

Even Thor needs to find a bathroom.  All that coffee, you know.

Wampa attack!  Me and my little brother!

The most intricate cosplay I saw.

These guys were hilarious.  Love ya, Stormtroopers!

"Will somebody get this giant walking carpet out of my way?"

Single issues of Princess Ugg signed by Ted Naifeh!

I was really happy with the autographs I got, as well.  Friday evening, I simply sidled up to the amazing Gail Simone's line and had her sign Vol. 2 of Red Sonja.  When an author can make you enjoy a once tacky character who fights in a chainmail bikini, it's a win.  Gail is hilarious and you should totally follow her on Twitter.

Then I nipped by another booth displaying one of my favorite comics this year, Princess Ugg, and saw a rather dapper man sitting there quietly.  He wore a suit jacket and a bow tie.  Okay, look: I always imagined Ted Naifeh in guyliner and piercings and a general emo/goth look.  I mean, have you seen the hilariously goth-cute Courtney Crumrin?  Mr. Naifeh was so lovely to speak to.  

Saturday, I rushed Quirk Books' booth to have Ian Doescher sign my copy of Shakespeare's Star Wars: Verily, A New Hope.  I'm obsessed with these.  

Alas, for the second year in a row I got to the lines for Pat Rothfuss and Scott Snyder right after they were cut.

I love just cruising Artist's Alley to take in all of the different talent out there in comiclandia.  I especially like watching artists just ... create while in between fans.  It makes my scalp prickle to watch an artist, with a few careful strokes of a pen or marker, create a piece of art.  

People watching is another huge draw for me at cons.  One thing I noticed the very first time I went to C2E2 was this sense of geek camaraderie.  No one really cared if you were fat and you were cosplaying, or if you were cross-playing, or anything.  It's a very "you be you" atmosphere.  I had no compunctions about talking with perfect strangers about their t-shirts or their cosplays or favorite authors.  However, I'm not naive, and I know that people do have less-than-stellar experiences at cons, which was why I was so happy to see this sign proudly and prominently displayed:

Bottom line: I am totally going back next year.  And probably to the Wizard World Con in Rosemont later this summer.


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