William Shakespeare's Star Wars: A Mini-Review

I love Star Wars.  I probably watched one or more of the original trilogy once a week as a kid.  It was in heavy rotation with Indiana Jones and Back to the Future.  This would explain why an alarming amount of what I say is actually just movie quotes.

To my infinite delight, we decided to do a Star Wars Day at my library in May.  Doing it on May 4th (May the Fourth Be with You) wasn't going to work, so we moved it to May 2nd.  This was back in ... well, it was definitely before Christmas (we plan very very very far in advance!).  Then we got smacked with a giant blob of Stuff That Needs To Be Done Yesterday and holy cow.  Star Wars Day got pushed under the rug a bit.  Originally, I wanted to do a gender-swapped scene from one of the Shakespearean Star Wars books with our digital services librarian as Princess Leia (I wanted to be Han, naturally), but we have zero time to do it.  However, since I already had the first book, William Shakespeare's Star Wars: Verily, A New Hope checked out, I went for it.

This is hilarious.  To qualify: it's hilarious if you love Star Wars.  If you haven't seen the original movies this isn't going to make a ton of sense.  However, Doescher, the author (dear lord, if you really thought it was William Shakespeare the naughty corner is over there), is actually really good at translating the script and mood of the first film into iambic pentameter.  I also adored how he worked in some famous Shakespearean quotes (really pulling for Much Ado to make a cameo in The Empire Striketh Back) and drew on the back story from the prequels to make motivations really well-rounded and clear.

Also, it's a great litmus test for just how far down the Star Wars rabbit hole (sarlacc pit???) you are.  I found myself saying the actual movie lines under my breath as I read the Shakespearified version, which made me look a bit off, especially because I was in the break room at work.

My desire to read the others in this series is tempered by the fact that there will be a finite amount of books like this.  I'm not sure if I want to devour them or space them out.

Cripes.  Since when have I been known to exercise restraint when it comes to books?  Episode V, here I come!


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