TombQuest: Book of the Dead

As a newbie to children's library work, I was flung into the madness that was The 39 Clues.  I read the first series and actually really enjoyed it, but I always cringe when a kid asks for one because a) they're written by different authors and b) there are approximately eleventy-billion series going on at the same time.  Since then, I've tended to avoid multi-platform series, although Spirit Animals seems tempting.

However, all these authors that I follow on Twitter were tweeting pics at a Scholastic event for Children's Book Week and I saw the author of this book, Michael Northrup, hamming it up in a silly faux-pharaonic hat.  That is awesome.  I decided I needed to read TombQuest: Book of the Dead.  Also, it doesn't hurt that I really like ancient Egypt.

I would hand this to kids who aren't old enough to tackle The Kane Chronicles, but who like ancient Egyptian stories.  Fans of The Mummy *points to self* will also find a lot of fun here.

Alex Sennefer (that's Sen-NEF-er, not SEN-effer) is sick.  Really sick.  And it's only getting worse.  He's just a kid, but his body is failing him: he can't walk for extended periods, and his heart doesn't know how fast or how slow it's supposed to be going.  Doctors can't cure him, and his brilliant, beautiful, awesome mom (who is really awesome, by the way), would do anything to make him better.

Would that "anything" include an ancient Egyptian spell that brings the dead to life?

Well ... look at the title,  Now look at me.  YES!

Suddenly, Alex feels awesome, but his mom has disappeared.  And strange things are afoot at the Circle K ... er, the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Mummies coming to life.  A plague of scorpions.  An evil cult!  This pretty much ticks all of my boxes for "dang fun book."

I'm really excited for the second one, and will happily hand this to kids coming in looking for a fun adventure book.


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