The Unwritten Vol. 8: Orpheus in the Underworld

I'm so close to finishing this series.  And I'm so close to giving up.

Looking back at my ratings on Goodreads, I enjoyed this series through volume 6, which is when (I think) the major villain storyarc was resolved(ish). And then it went into this whole "I killed Leviathan, which was a giant whale full of stories ... or something ... I mean, it's like Hobbes ... and, aw, chuck it, man." place and I have no idea what's happening.  When Carey was poking gentle fun at Harry Potter and rabid literature fans and so forth, this series was fun.

So here we are in volume 8.  Lizzie, Tommy's loooooove, has died.  For some reason in volume 7 (this was a relatively long time ago so my apologies for the vagaries), Tommy went to Australia where he started working with some officers from the Brisbane PD.  One of the officers discovers that Lizzie is "alive" in Hell, so Tommy, of course, charges off to save her.  Tom, sorry.  Whatever.  The officer tells an "Aboriginal story" (groan) and gets Tommy into storyland, where he renunites with Baron von Munchhausen.  BvM, natürlich, knows how to get to Hell, so he and Tommy and Tommy's magical prophesying unicorn (I seriously remember nothing about this) fly off.  The unicorn is actually an interesting character, and we all know what happens to interesting characters in comics.  Yes.  Then Elizabeth Bennet, Emma, and one of the Dashwoods make a delicious stew in between selling tumbles in the hay in a refugee camp for fictional characters.

While Tom wanders around Hades with two kiddos (at this point I was just like la la la la la), the DI and Savoy, our resident brooding vampire, investigate a series of brutal killings that correspond exactly to the feverish scribblings of a young boy.  Surprisingly, neither of them really figures out what is going on, despite having been hanging around Tommy for what feels like ages.  Words affect the world, people.  That's the whole point of this series and you're stumbling around like, "Hm, messy murder, that.  Wonder how the kid did it?"  Thankfully, Rausch (who is this extremely elderly woman living in a convent in Switzerland and I kind of forget what she has to do with anything but la-dee-dah) manages to contact the boy and suck out his power and use it for herself.  *cue evil laughter*

As it turns out, the king of the Underworld is not Lord Hades, or even Satan, or whomever, but an extremely odd anthropomorphic rabbit with a serious anger management issue.  Thankfully, Tommy and Lizzie are united (yay!) but the world of stories is breaking down because of Leviathan's death (boo!).  BUT THANKFULLY, there are like ... more Leviathans, or something?  So yay?  But Tommy and Lizzie have to roleplay Orpheus and Eurydice, and we all know how that went (boo!).  So Tommy "tricks" the storyline and ends up ... with our favorite witches, Ozma and Totenkinder.

I have a feeling this entire storyline was a way to initiate the Fables crossover, and it wasn't very effective.


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