Lock & Mori: Holmes that will make you facepalm (a very brief review)

I honestly don't understand all of the fangirling love this is getting over on GR.  Then again, we're months from the release date, and I've got a pretty small sample size of reviews.

And admittedly, I didn't read the entire book.  I read the beginning and skimmed the ending, which made me cringe.  So much cringing.

I was hoping for more of a partnership of modern Holmes and Moriarty along the lines of what Jonathan Stroud has done in his Lockwood & Co books: there is a girl among boys, but they're able to work together as equals without thinking smoochy thoughts every five seconds.

Do you know what really corked it, though?  We're tootling along through London, weaving from school to flat to Regent's Park, and British English is being hurled around left and right.  Suddenly, the main character puts on a "sweater."

Hopefully someone catches this before the actual publication of the book.  It was like having a lovely dream and then being woken by that horrible EH-EH-EH of the alarm clock.

Plus, if this is supposed to be modern-day London, did Sherlock Holmes and his creator never exist, then?  No one seems to think that it's odd that someone is named "Sherlock Holmes" and another "James Moriarty" and still another "John Watson" and they all go to school together!

Now, I've not watched the TV show Sherlock, mostly because I'm afraid I would have Cumberbatch overload and fall into some sort of stupor.  Also, I've been ridiculously busy and can't even keep up with Doctor Who.  However, this seems more like Sherlock fanfic than anything.

A lot of people have enjoyed it, however, so, as you always should, take my opinion with a grain of salt (what, do you think I don't want you thinking for yourself?  Make your own decisions!  Be your own person!  Cripes.) and decide whether or not you like this book.

I received an ARC of this from Netgalley.


  1. Try some Ellie Marney for teenage Holmes/Watson(he's called Mycroft, the girl does first aid at school). And set in Melbourne.

  2. Oooh, I'll have to look for those. Thanks!


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