Leaving Megalopolis

I follow Gail Simone on Twitter and I think she's really funny.  I also loved her run on Batgirl (let's just not argue about giving Babs the use of her legs back, okay?  This review is not long enough for that) and her reboot of Red Sonja.  I am on a possibly insane quest to read as much of her work as I can.  As with any author, I'm not going to love all of it.  I might adore it, or like it, or eh-it, or kind of loathe it.  But that's the work, not the author.

Leaving Megalopolis is fun, but I didn't love it as much as Batgirl.  That being said, I enjoyed it very much, and by the end, I was really torqued up for SEQUELS.  But there are none yet!  Dying!

LM is a pretty simple comic if I just explained it to you: superheroes go evil and people must flee.

Only these superheroes-gone-evil aren't just like, you know, Bizarro who backwards talk be Superman!  Rah!  No.  They revel in pain.  They take pleasure in torturing the people they used to protect.  No one is safe.

But this isn't really about the superheroes.  It's about a group of people trying to escape what used to be the safest city in America.  Their numbers ebb and flow as they traverse the blasted landscape of Megalopolis, and they find that the greatest danger might be other humans and the darkest parts of our souls.

Calafiore's art is spot-on, and not for the faint-hearted.  I really enjoyed reading the afterword where Simone and Calafiore talked about their collaborative process.  I appreciated the characters much more after this.  Plus, the last few panels?  You know I need some sequels.

All in all, an entertaining book with a nice twist on the superheroes-gone-bad trope.

Oh, I almost forgot!  Are those evil beasts that came from the center of the Earth Lovecraftian in origin?  I'd like to think so!  Some Old Ones action going on here!


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