Trees, Vol. 1; or, Invasion of the Space Sequoias Mini-Review

I enjoyed this, but I didn't adore it.

Ha!  That's not all I'm going to write, but I was tempted.  I'm so burned out this week that it's not even funny.  Not even the llama drama on Twitter could save my mood from plummeting down to one of the more miserable circles of Hell ... say, the Sixth Bolgia of the Eighth Circle, where the hypocrites wear cloaks made of lead.  That's how much I was dragging.  Hopefully, however, I am not a hypocrite.  At least not consciously--all of us say and do opposite things, but often unintentionally and unknowingly.

Well, then.  I just managed to write an entire paragraph that's not at all about this comic.

Trees.  Trees trees trees trees.  (This is humming in my brain in the Tenth Doctor's "thinking voice")

Right!  Here we go:

In the future past, these giant alien formations plummeted out of the sky to plop down on major population centers.  They grow like giant trees.  They've not done anything proactively naughty, but as you can imagine, having your city overshadowed by a mysterious alien construct doesn't really do wonders for the local economy.

Some humans have learned to live with the trees, while others want to study them, and still others use their appearance to seize power.  Trees follows four narratives weaving through different landscapes.  It's definitely more of a study of human nature under stress than pew-pew alien sci-fi.  I liked the Antarctica storyline the most, and the one set in China the least.  The Chinese characters seemed ... whitewashed, somehow, and the vague preachiness of "be whatever you want to be, man" was a bit odd.  It's nice to see a really diverse cast of characters but at times they can become the Requisite Diverse Characters instead of just ... themselves.

One other major side-eye moment came when a person checked his cell phone whilst in France, and the screen said "Batterie faible."  I would have used the word "pile" instead, but whatever.  It's just foreign language.  Who cares?  Generally when I use the word "batterie" I mean it in the military sense of "battery" or in its other meaning of "drum set."

Overall, however, this was enjoyable, and I'm curious enough to continue the series.

I received an ARC of this title from NetGalley.


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