Through the Woods Mini-Review

The artwork in this book is marvelous, and it suits the whole fairy-tale-gone-horror idea perfectly.  Carroll's art is angular and jagged, with trees like needles and eyes like knives.  Her use of color is also practically perfect, with strategic splashes of red and blue.  I would have been perfectly happy with this had the stories not been so excessively vague.

It's quite chic, you know, to go the ambiguous route.  One must be careful, however, that the ambiguity isn't so strong that the reader struggles to even guess at what's going on.  For example, in the story about fratricide, I didn't quite *get* the ending.  I mean, I think I did, but don't quiz me on it.  I like to take an ambiguous story and then create my own ending.  I can't even do that here.  It's just like, "Huh.  So, there's that."

I'd love to see more of Carroll's art, but perhaps with more tangibility to the stories.


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