Etiquette and Espionage: Sign me up!

Sophronia Temminnick.

I wish I lived in a steampunk world.  At least if I were named Sophronia, no one would mistake my name for a cut of pork (true story).  Also there would be Finishing Schools where promising young ladies learn the power of eyelash batting, the delicate art of passing notes during a dance, how to detect poisons, and how what is on one's person may be MacGyvered into a weapon.

As one does.

This book is marvelous.  I mean that in both the literal and more commonly-used figurative sense.  I marveled at the ease with which Carriger created her world.  I fell in love with the dumbwaiter-riding Sophronia.  And the Scots noblewoman raised by (were)wolves?  Magnificent.  The sooties?  The professors?  The school for evil geniuses?  Gail Carriger basically wrote my dream book.

My brain is broken and doesn't want to write a proper review, so I'll simply slip something in your tea that will make you go out and either buy this book or borrow it from your friendly local public library.

Coercion by force will be used if necessary.  *flutters lashes bewitchingly*


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