East of West Vol. 3: In which very little happens and much happens at the same time

So, being the masochistic reader that I am, I decided to check out Hickman and Dragotta's third trade of East of West, despite having gone through vol. 2 with an incredulous scowl.

I grant you this: vol. 3 is not as awful as vol. 2.  It's just bloody boring.

I don't quite remember what was going on in the first two volumes anyway, but basically: the Civil War lasted a really long time, and there are seven ruling empires on Earth.  One of them is being run by Death (yes, the personified kind)'s ex-wife.  She decides that it would be just peachy if everyone went to war.  Meanwhile, Death is squaring off against a super-tough bounty-hunter who rides a dog, not a hog.

There are a lot of plots going on, but I don't have the nimble recall of my youth to remember who is deceiving whom and what sort of organism is in that guy's head, anyway.  The most cringeworthy moment came when the Nation arrived at the seven empire summit.  Native Americans in full regalia and tinged red.

Are.  You.  Kidding me.

I guess when I read the first two, I wasn't as critical of the portrayal of Native peoples in popular literature as I am now.  Then I remembered that Death is hanging out with these two shamans (or something) who are literally black-and-white Native Americans ... yikes.

All weird cultural things aside, everything seems to happen very conveniently for everyone in this story.  Like, Death tells Macho Bounty Hunter he's looking for his sun, and then they're riding off into the sunset together?

I promise, I really am done with this series now.  Thank goodness half of the book was either blank paper of some sort of weird negative koan that I could just skip.


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