Daredevil Vol. 1 (Again?)

So, I'm not exactly hip to all the relaunching/scrambling/rebooting of the major story lines in comics.  I may be wrong, but I thought that Mark Waid's run on Daredevil was part of the Marvel NOW! relaunch.

Every time I say Marvel NOW! or The New 52, a comics aficionado dies.  That's how hardcore this is.

I'm mostly looking for a great story with great artwork and some sassy humor.  I found it in Waid's Daredevil.  To be completely honest, I had a bad taste in my mouth about Matt Murdock just because I know that Ben Affleck played him in That Movie (which I refuse to watch).  I guess Bendis had him in a pretty dark place, but Waid pulled him out and made him funny and witty and ... charming.

I loved almost all of that story arc except for the weird issues where Daredevil was running around the South with monsters, because that came at me out of nowhere and didn't fit with the general tone of the story.  At the end, Murdock outs himself as Daredevil and is disbarred in the State of New York, so he packs up and heads to San Francisco, which is where we find him in ... volume one.

I guess this is a relaunch of the relaunch, except nothing is really relaunched.  We just pick up the story and carry on in San Francisco.  I really miss the New York City setting, but Samnee does a great job of evoking San Francisco without having Daredevil leap off the Golden Gate Bridge every other panel to remind you that we are not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.

What I didn't like so much about this volume, Devil at Bay, was the kind of sucky villains that Daredevil has to go up against.  So, the Shroud is basically Marvel Batman but with more nefarious leanings?  And The Owl's drastic plastic surgery involved ... a brow lift?

Also, be warned that a couple issues are actually flashbacks, so even though you start the volume in SF, you end up flashing back to NYC, which was disconcerting.  Even so, I'm willing to keep truckin' with Daredevil and Waid.


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