Young Avengers: Alternative Culture

This series by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie makes me want to dance around the hilltops like Maria, singing about how much I adore it.  Thankfully for the world, I won't do that, because I can't sing.

What can I say about this besides: AHHH SO GOOD?  In this volume, Speed (Wiccan's brother) is kidnapped by someone who looks like Patriot but isn't.  Witness to the crime, ex-X-Men trainee Prodigy tracks down the Young Avengers at their favorite breakfast joint.  Miss America gets to use her interdimensional hi-yah! kick a lot in this volume, which is awesome.  Kate and Noh-Varr smooch a lot, to Kid Loki's chagrin, and Hulkling and Wiccan have Relationship Drama, all while chasing faux-Patriot across endless dimensions and evading the evil Mother.  Along the way, they meet Leah, who claims to be Loki's sort-of-ex from the future past (I know, things get ca-ray-zee when you're zinging around the multiverse), who warns them against Loki.

Ahh, Loki. Easily the best thing about this comic.  Gillen has his voice spot-on and I was laughing throughout his dialogue.  Forget Thor; I like them small, dark, and devious.  Preferably Tom Hiddleston but I'll take whatever Loki I can get.

Super excited to read the last in this mini-series!  I'm glad that Gillen and McKelvie didn't drag this out but did a quick blip of awesomeness on the Marvel radar.


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