Daredevil #III Vol. 7 Mini-Review

So this is the last of the arc written by Waid and with art by Samnee that's set in New York.  Waid begins another story arc in San Francisco, which is up on my list to read.  Honestly, I was expecting a bit more bang for my buck (figuratively, as I got this from the library) from this, but it was still that new, refreshingly fun flavor of not-so-dark Daredevil.

Foggy's still battling cancer, Matt is still trying to figure out how to work with his ex Kristin, and, oh yeah, a group of white supremacists is trying to take over NYC.  With the help of a villain named the Jester, they've infiltrated the justice system and have begun inciting race riots.  Daredevil learns from Doctor Strange that although the Sons of the Serpent are now straight-up neo-Nazis, their roots are in an arcane society that used a special book for all of its spells.  To retrieve this information, Murdock travels down-home to Kentucky where he stumbles into yet another torch-and-pitchfork moment.  Only here, the mob isn't tracking black kids--they're hunting monsters.  Literally.

Daredevil briefly teams up with Frankenstein's monster, the mummy, the wolf-man, a zombie, and a lady who claims to be the devil's daughter to get the pages of this esoteric grimoire back.  It's a really, really, really bizarre issue, and it's what dragged down my rating of this volume.  It was a lot of filler that didn't have much zing to it.

Anyway, back in NYC, Daredevil and Kristin come to an understanding about his identity after the leader of the Sons of the Serpent threatens Foggy's life.  There's a really great scene in here where Matt and Foggy are talking about their options, and Foggy tells Matt that his defining characteristic isn't his supersonic hearing or acrobatic prowess, but his integrity.  That Daredevil's integrity has made the Avengers marvel.  That to give up his integrity to save Foggy's life would invalidated the worth of Foggy's life.  It was pretty cool to see a character trait so highly valued instead of super-speed or x-ray vision.

The ending was pretty cute, and I'm curious to see what Daredevil will do in the city by the bay ... and what happens to Foggy!


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