Authority and Control in VanderMeer's Trilogy

This whole series is one massively amazing fever dream.  For that reason, I find myself unable to review Authority properly.

I will say that I was a bit, er, over-zealous in my conspiracy theories about the main character, but I wasn't ridiculously off-base.  The style and setting of this one is so different from the first that it throws you, and I'm sure that's intentional.  While the last was a survival story with a mega-dose of unreliability and psychosis, Authority chronicles the vain efforts of John Rodriguez, AKA "Control," to set the Southern Reach facility to rights after the Twelfth Expedition.

It's like if Office Space went the espionage route with a dash of identity crisis and a heavy dollop of The X-Files.

My only complaint is that the last "chase scene" (the marks are intentional, I assure you) was far too drawn out and dull.

Overall, another great book from VanderMeer.


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