Alone Forever: That's a Bad Thing?

I haven't read Liz Prince's memoir Tomboy yet--I'm on the waiting list and I have a sneaking suspicion someone's keeping it long overdue at their house.

However, Netgalley, that saucy purveyor of tantalizing-sounding comics, had her newest collection, Alone Forever: The Singles Edition up for review, so I snagged it.  As a single person myself (who often gets "set up" with guys because I, too, could be OMG ALONE FOREVER!), I thought, "Hey, this should be pretty fun."

After reading it, I'm more like, "Weeeeell.  This is fun ... for hipsters."

I wasn't quite sure what the whole message of the comic was.  Is it that Liz Prince is horrible at dating?  Is it that she really wants a boyfriend but can't find one due to a dearth of bearded dudes with exactly her taste in music?  Is it that she really doesn't care?  I don't know.  A fellow reviewer likened Prince's style to Jeffrey Brown and James Kochalka--I totally see that, and I kind of prefer the latter two guys.

Maybe this comic and I just didn't click because right now, I'm really okay with being single.  I'm not on OKCupid obsessing about guys with beards and I don't have any cats.

I'm a dog person.

ARC received from Netgalley.


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