What I'm Reading Wednesday

Oh, for Pete's sake.  I should just return Storm and try again later.  But I am stubborn and it will continue to migrate around my apartment until it's really, really due at the library.

Alas, I own Jude the Obscure so there's no such imposing time limit on that one.

I'm almost done with Deep Sky, the last in Patrick Lee's Breach trilogy.  I absolutely can't wait for the sequel to Runner (not in that series, but a super-awesome thriller just the same)!

You could call my slow progress through The Emperor's Blades luxuriating in the story, and you wouldn't be half wrong.  I am loath to finish it before I can get my paws on the next one.

Return to Augie Hobble is an illustrated chapter book by Lane Smith.  I'm already sold on it, and I've only read two chapters.

Emmy Laybourne, awesome person, has a new novel out.  Alas, it's not a Monument 14 one, but it's set on a cruise ship where things go very, very wrong.  It's called Sweet and I'm having lots of fun with it.

Finally, Arcady's Goal by Eugene Yelchin.  I'm not liking this as much as I liked Breaking Stalin's Nose, but the illustrations are really something.


  1. I wondered about the Lane Smith book, but will take a look. I don't think my students will really care about Arcady's Goal.

    1. I have TOTALLY changed my mind on the Lane Smith book. I don't even know who to go about reviewing it. Oy. I didn't finish Arcady's Goal either. It simply didn't have the same pull as Breaking Stalin's Nose.


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