What I'm Reading Wednesday

All right!  Back in the snow and cold, and readreadreadreading.

I don't even know if I should keep Jude the Obscure on here or not.  Just thinking about picking it up depresses me.  I should just do a band-aid read and get it over with.

I am 6% away from the end of Atlanta Burns by Chuck Wendig and WOW.  I really need to go finish Blackbirds.  I love Wendig's blog and Twitter, and this book is amazing.  Evidently it's a compilation of two novellas, previously published under different titles.  Please please please write more of these, Mr. Wendig.

Regrettably, I left D.J. MacHale's Storm on my work desk while I was gone, so I'm behind.  Rats.

I started The Emperor's Blades by Brian Staveley on the plane flight down, and it's surprisingly good.  Not as good as Half A King, but in a similar vein.  Nice fantasy intrigue.

I kept this brief because I have to go finish Atlanta Burns now.


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