Fairest Vol. 3: The Return of the Maharaja

For a book presumably about the ladies of Fables, this certainly has a lot to say about Prince Charming.

I read this a while ago and don't remember much about it, which is never a good sign.  There are books that are so awful that I cannot forget them, and then books that are poorly done and utterly boring, so I forget them.  Fairest Vol. 3 falls into the latter category.

Somehow Charming has come back to life and is hangin' with his harem in one of the ancient India-inspired Fableworlds.  Fine.  Whatever.  Bring him back.

The lady of this volume is Nalayani, whose village has been ATTACKED (egads!) and must thus journey to seek the protection of the Maharaja.  Unfortunately for Nalayani, the Maharaja is none other than the recently-dead Prince Charming, who, as we all know, would rather be having bunga-bunga sexytimes than actually ruling anything.  Oddly, Nalayani isn't a princess or deity, or other Fable, but rather a villager who bears more than a passing resemblance to Katniss Everdeen.  Except Indian.  Okay.

Basically, this book can be summed up as fighting, fighting, flirting, fighting, COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT FOR CHARMING, fin.

I finished this out of spite.  I wasn't going to let the utter dullness of the story beat me into giving up.  However, I wouldn't suggest that anyone else follow my example and actually read this.



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