A brief review of this one:

When I was a kid, I obsessively read the same books over and over and over (and over).  I didn't like branching out into new things, a trait which has stuck with me in some form to this day.  So it passed that I until I took Young Adult Literature in grad school, I'd only read one book by Judy Blume: Are You There, God?  It's Me, Margaret.  I muddled my way through Forever, although I confess I felt merely depressed by the book, being old and jaded and knowing that high school love isn't forever.

Recently, all-new editions of Judy Blume's books were released, and I reordered a bunch of them.  I withdrew our old copy of Deenie, which looked like this:

except our cover had faded so badly that everything was a uniform shade of pale sunflower gold.  Yikes.  So retro.   

I have mild scoliosis myself.  Not bad enough to need a brace, but irritating enough that my sciatic nerve and piriformis muscle act up and I start popping NSAIDs like candy.  Unlike Deenie, I am not conventionally pretty and no one has ever told me I should be a model.  So, my scoliosis really didn't affect my social life.

Deenie has actually aged really well--I thought it was funny yet thoughtful.  It's a quick read, so if you haven't read it yet, you really should.


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