Shutter, Vol. 1

I've really, really, really been meaning to read Saga.  I promise I have.  Several of my coworkers just run around praising it to the skies (not constantly, and not in a mad prophet way).  One of them called it "the best series out there today."  However, Volume 1 is always checked out when I feel like reading it, and as a lazy person with lots of other graphics right at my fingertips, I say to myself, "Ahhh, next time."

So I'm coming into Shutter with precisely zero (0) experience with Saga, and I can't compare the two, which it seems like happens a lot in the reviews.

Short version: I liked this.

Longer, meandering version: I don't think the publisher is doing itself any favors with the Indiana Jones comparison.  Not all people who go on adventures in fiction are like Indiana Jones.  So just ... ignore that part.  I'm not quite sure what the title or the cover art of the main character using a camera has to do with anything ... yet ... so maybe we need more issues.

Kate Kristopher is born into a family of intergalactic and transtemporal adventurers.  However, she's now out of the business and still mourning her father's untimely death.  On her birthday--and the anniversary of his death--she goes to visit his grave and is attacked by some purple ghost ninjas (I promise you that Del Luca's art makes this wayyyy better than I am making it sound).  More and more of her city's criminal denizens try to muscle in on the price that's been mysteriously put on Kate's head ... by her siblings.

But wait!  Kate doesn't have any brothers or sisters.  She even begged her dad for siblings and he told her it wasn't possible; it was too complicated; she wouldn't understand.  Well, Kate's now understandably flabbergasted, because a) obviously Pops was able to procreate and b) the results of those tangoes (or possible clonings--we don't really know) are now trying to kill her.

I was happily surprised by Shutter.  It's not perfect, and it does fall into some cliché traps.  But.  I've experienced so many eye-gougingly silly/ugly/stupid comics as ARCs lately that I practically danced when I finished Volume One.  It certainly helps that Kate's a POC leading lady, which we're finally seeing more of in Comiclandia (and I'm pretty sure her roomie is trans*).

Joe Keatinge and Leila del Luca have caught my interest with Shutter, and I'm eagerly awaiting Kate's further adventures.

I received an ARC of this title from NetGalley.


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