Last Post of 2014

I hate those end-of-the-year lists, as if everything that happened in an entire year can be summed up in one painfully self-aware article whose writer desperately wants another writing gig, thanks!

I personally didn't have an awful year, but the world as a whole sure did.  Planes kept disappearing, with loved ones mourning for the lost.  There have been frightening and gross injustices in this country alone, particularly regarding race, and these acts begat violence.  It feels a bit like the "powder keg" of 2014, waiting to blow, only this time it's not Kaiser Wilhelm versus the world, it's citizens against citizens.  People who steadfastly refuse to check their privilege.  People who refuse to acknowledge their privilege.

All of what I see informs my criticism of the books I read.  I've noticed I've become much more sensitive to sexist, misogynist, racist, and oppressive language in books.  I'm not afraid to call authors on this--and if they want to pull a Kathleen Hale, shame on them.  Woo, that fiasco.

At work, it's been difficult because we are doing a ton of amazing things to get our library up to speed, but we're years behind other libraries.  It's a definite handicap, and it's kind of like we're going through an emo teen phase where everything is the end of the world, GOD MOM AND DAD, what is WRONG WITH YOU?!?  However, it's made me strive to be better at my job, to provide better customer service, and to learn to manage personality differences.  Or at least try.

Because I'm a realist, I don't think that 2015 is going to be any better.  It will probably be just as bad, or worse, in some was, as years past.  However, the turning of the year gives us hope that whatever bad things may come, at least they'll roll in fresh and sparkly!  Hm, maybe I should just delete that last bit, and end with hope.



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