Princeless Vols 1 & 2


This has a been a PSA from your friendly neighborhood librarian.

Really, though, Jeremy Whitley's Princeless comics blew my mind.  He's got a POC main character who kicks some serious patootie.  One of many daughters, Princess Adrienne finds herself locked up in a tower, with her very own guardian dragon, just so that her father ensures that she gets a "good" husband.  All of her sisters, save the youngest, have suffered similar fates.  Adrienne's days are passed in seeing suitor after suitor mangled and munched by Sparky the dragon.

One day, she decides that enough is enough.  She's going to save herself.  Armed with a sword that was under her bed, and clad in the ill-fitting armor of her ill-fated suitors, Adrienne and Sparky are off to save her sisters from the tyranny of the patriarchy.

Unfortunately, Adrienne's father, King Ash, thinks that a rogue knight killed Adrienne by setting her tower aflame, and puts a price on the nameless knight's head, not realizing that Adrienne and the knight are one and the same.  Meanwhile, after a mildly disastrous armor incident, Adrienne realizes she needs armor made for a woman's body.  Moseying into a village, she discovers a smithy run by a dwarf and his daughter, Bedelia.  Well, since papa goes off to drown himself at the tavern every day, it's really Bedelia running the show.

Whitley snags this opportunity to totally skewer typical female superhero "armor," and poor Adrienne has to fight in Wonder Woman's "armor" while her own is being made.  It's a sharp and funny commentary on sexism in comics.  Never fear, Adrienne does get her own full suit of totally practical armor.

In book two, Adrienne, Bedelia, and Sparky set off to rescue the most beautiful of the princesses--except maybe she doesn't want to be rescued.

This is one of my very favorite comics I've read in a long time.  I love that it features an entire royal family of color, and that the author didn't shy away from hair issues with the princesses!  Female empowerment is everything in Princeless, because girls can't sit around and wait for men to solve their problems.  If anything, the men will just make more problems (sorry, dudes, but it's true).  So Save Yourself and pick up these absolutely fantastic and positive comic TPs right now!  I cannot wait for the next issues to come out!


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