Luminae, Vol. 1

I really disliked Naja: Intégrale but because I'm a glutton for punishment and I believe in second chances (see my upcoming review of The Ghosts of Heaven), I decided to try out Luminae.  While Naja was merely illustrated by Bengal, here he does both the words and the art.  One of the big pet peeves I had with Naja was the pace of the writing (and also what I considered to be a very racist section, which people who evidently don't believe in racism contested in my review, but whatever), so I thought that perhaps Bengal would bring something different if he did all the work.  That perhaps it would be a bit more cohesive.

I liked the color palette.

That's all I liked.

As far as I could make out, Luminae is about several goddess-type handmaidens to another goddess-type woman who glows (the oh-so-creatively-named Lumina) who have been attacked by a Ruthless Enemy (naturally).  One of their own, Iliana, was severely wounded and went missing, so they search the forest for her.  Mind, these ladies fight in string bikini bottoms.  Actually, I would call them thongs, yes.  Their outfits are literally less practical than Red Sonja's famous chain mail bikini, because at least that bikini is made out of armor.  These magical nymphettes prance around the countryside performing flying judo kicks so that Bengal can illustrate their buttocks just so. They all have different powers, but their names and looks are so similar that I had no idea who was who when the ladies were moving about.  So, awesome job objectifying women, Bengal.  I don't see any of the men dressed in g-strings.

Meanwhile, the local lord finds out that the magic-wielding Ruthless Enemy is marching around in his territory, so he sends out some soldiers to investigate.  They are promptly killed by the Evil Dynamic Duo, which consists of an old guy and a kid who looks an awful lot like Aang from Avatar.  But without the giant arrow on his head.  Also there are people who are part dog, but this isn't really explained because ... I don't know.  Obviously this fantasy world has dog-people and the creatively deficient readers of this comic should just accept it.

There is much fighting with much display of glorious glutei maximi and a twist that everyone and their mother saw coming (yep, I called everyone and their mothers to confirm this).  I wish that the art were easier to follow, with more differentiation between characters (they do all have nice butts; I cannot lie).  I also wish that the story were more original, but alas.

Send these ladies some cream for the chafing that must result from pitched battles in thongs.

I received a copy of this title from Netgalley.


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