When I should read the most...

...I read the least.  Vacation.

Well, it's not really vacation.  I just have days off because I have to work the weekend.  I have grand plans in my head of how much reading I'm going to get done.

Yeah, right.  I read more when I'm stressed out from work and trying to do eleventy-billion things at once, including dishes, laundry, working out, cooking, grocery shopping, and doing my nails (that last one is important)*.

Perhaps it's because my current profession is so tied up with books that, although I read for pleasure all the time, on my formal Days Off, I read very little, because reading reminds me of work.  Not in a bad way, of course, but there is that association.

On the bright side, I did finish a book, The Girl on the Train, which I'll review shortly, and I finally watched Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.  I admit that I liked the book better (yes!  There's a book!  It's so good!) but the movie is particularly lovely.  The soundtrack is marvelous--can you say "big band bonanza?"  I also read a hundred pages of The Count of Monte Cristo--go me!  That book is so good it's crazy.  I'm taking it in small morsels because a) my copy is too heavy to lug around when my back is acting the way it is (i.e. like the back of someone four times my age) and b) it's so lovely that I don't want it to end.  Reading a book for the first time is an experience like no other.

Being naughty, I also started reading another book (stop doing that, brain!), The Atlantis Plague (sequel to The Atlantis Gene).  So far, so good.  I'm liking the post-apocalyptic/slightly-zombified vibe I'm getting from this one.

Back to work tomorrow, and back to more books.



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