There are a lot of books on the shelf...

...and not all of them can be amazing.  Not all of them can become my favorites.  I cannot like all of them.

Sometimes, I feel disingenuous for saying that I am a teen librarian who loves YA and, at the same time, writing mostly negative reviews of teen books.  Do you know something, though?  I recommend books that I personally disliked to teen patrons who enjoy books in a similar vein.  When I read something, I'm always thinking about who would like this even though I did not.  Take, for example, The Murder Complex.  I didn't love it, and I didn't hate it.  I thought it had some issues, but I'll definitely read the trilogy.  However, I enthusiastically recommend it to fans of post-apocalyptic/dystopian/sci-fi series.  Even though I kept trying to connect with Dashner's Maze Runner series and failing, those books are never on the library's shelves.  They're popular, which means teens are reading them, which means--holy cow--teens are reading and I am a happy librarian.

All of my negative, ranting, frustration-laden posts about teen ARCs I've requested actually serve a purpose other than allowing me an outlet for my mild literary rage.  I get it out of my system by writing about everything I found wrong, and then objectively look at the book in terms of appeal to the teens who use my library.  Teen literature is one area of the library where, I think, you can get away with rotating titles more frequently.  YA fads are mercurial.  I cannot have a stagnant collection consisting of Classic Teen Novels All Libraries Should Own.  

The other great thing about getting e-ARCs and going through them is that sometimes, I find one that's really, really good.  I'm tickled to have read it and I cannot wait to throw it at my teens at work.  Figuratively, of course, although I'm sure they'd love to see me pitching books around.  

I'd say that for every ten ARCs I request, I enjoy one.  But when I do enjoy it, I enjoy it.  

Disclosure: This post was written in an attempt to avoid going to the gym.  It did not succeed.


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