This is going to be a very short review.  I only read a few pages of this graphic novel, and I stopped reading for two main reasons.

1)  The art.  Being that this is a graphic novel, I expect the art to be of good quality.  Now, it's certainly possible that the artist's work wasn't rendered correctly in electronic format, in which case the publisher should be ashamed.  The art looked like dotted lines that vaguely formed shapes that looked like they could be people ... or Cthulhu.  I'm also not a huge fan of B&W comics--I prefer colored, but sometimes B&W really adds to the storytelling, although here it does not.  If this is simply a formatting issue, I apologize to the artist.  If it seriously looks this way in print, I apologize to readers' eyeballs.  Yeesh.  I am by no means an artist, but I'd like to think that I have some taste in the art department.

2)  The dialogue.  Mostly it consists of the f-word.  I think the author couldn't figure out dialogue, so just said, "Oh, F-word.  I will use the f-word constantly because uh, that makes stuff gritty ... and stuff."  Also, some of the dialogue is in (Spanish) (evidently, in this comic book, parentheses denote a different language, instead of using different lettering or line weight or something) but the main guy character responds in English and everyone gets along all right ... except for the shooting bits, which honestly ... I don't care.  

I know I sound harsh, but this was utterly pointless and a waste of even the few minutes I gave to considering it, and the time it took me to write this review.

I received an ARC of this title from NetGalley.


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