Allergy Alert

Allergies have interrupted my regularly-scheduled everything!  I broke down and took some allergy medication today and promptly forgot about a meeting!  Oh, dear.  (Please imagine that Winnie-the-Pooh-style).

Reviews coming up:

Sisters by Raina Telgemeier (!!!)

Killer Instinct by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (!!!!!!!)

I've finally gotten into The Girl on the Train, a UK-based murder mystery.  At first, I thought it resembled Tana French's work too much, but it's really hitting its stride here.  Also, I did NOT know that you could buy premixed gin and tonics at the convenience store in the UK.

Look, Brits.  You've got Doctor Who, Benedict Cumberbatch, Neil Gaiman (okay, the U.S. stole him, but you made him), mushy peas (weird, I know, but I've got a soft spot for legumes!), like every great rock band ever, and premixed G&Ts?  Who said the British Empire ever fell?


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