Young Avengers Vol. 1: Style > Substance

Every so often, a book comes along and it's so deliciously brilliant that I simply cannot express my thoughts in a cohesive, thoughtful review.  Young Avengers by Kieran Gillen is one such book/series/comic/bundle of AWESOMESAUCE.

I got that same wild grin on my face as I had when I met John Green, or Mark Waid, or Gene Luen Yang.  It looks a little bit like I'm terrified because I AM SO HAPPY.  Unfortunately, I was making this face when I came out of the break room at work, so...

With the exception of the execrable Avengers Arena, I'm quite liking the Marvel NOW! (NOW GOSHDANGIT!) titles.  Young Avengers has the same lightness and humor that Hawkeye does, only perhaps even more so.

Naturally, Kid Loki is my favorite.  Yes, because Tom Hiddleston.  Tom Hiddleston is a good excuse for a lot of things, let me tell you.  Kid Loki's voice is pitch-perfect: the privileged godling meets trickster god meets teenager meets snark factory.  He's utterly hilarious and perfectly devious.  I haven't read any of the other Young Avengers incarnations, but Gillen does a good job of bringing new readers up to speed on most things, including Loki's morality crisis.

Meanwhile, Kate Bishop (Hawkeye) is involved in an amorous fling with Noh-Varr, an alien infused with insectile abilities.  I mean, wouldn't you follow a dude who comes in with lasers blasting and then says, "Follow me if you want to be awesome."  !!! DFTBA, Young Avengers!  Plus, he decides to stay on with the group because Kate promised "to explain the Earth custom known as "hot make out.""  *dead*

And unfortunately, Wiccan has used his I-can-make-anything-happen magical powers to bring back Hulkling's mom from the dead ... except it's not really his mom.  It's like if Play-Doh took over your parents.  Yeah, it may seem good at first, but a) Play-Doh smells vile and b) when your parents become murderous Play-Doh drones, things aren't so great.

We don't know much about Miss America other than she kicks serious butt.  Of which I highly approve.  And now, to end, some choice Kid Loki quotes:

Kid Loki: "And in passing, as a pagan deity, I must say that is a terrible name.  Are you even a Wiccan?"

Wiccan: "What should I do?"

Loki: "Well, I've got a list of suggestions for alternate pseudonyms you could peruse--"

Wiccan: "Not about that!"

Later, Loki orders his food in the diner in a very Thor-like manner, flinging up his hand and bellowing, "Bacon engulfed in a floury roll!  With the ketchup condiment!"



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