For Biddle's Sake

Randolph, Rudolph, and Tansy--behold the three princes of the kingdom of Biddle?  Which one do you think is the normal one?

If you guessed Tansy, you're correct!
Ugh, just looking at that makes me feel allergic!

In this installment of The Princess Tales, Gail Carson Levine serves up a fantastically funny blend of "The Frog Prince," "Cinderella," and "Rapunzel."  Once upon a time, there was a girl named Patsy.  Patsy loved to eat parsley.  That's all she ever ate.  Unfortunately, her penchant for parsley got her papa into a perilous pickle: the local witch, Bombina (recently returned from fairy jail for turning too many humans into frogs), catches Patsy's pop of pilfering her parsley.  Restraining herself from performing a transformation, Bombina instead demands that Patsy come live with her, and renames her Parsley.  Parsley and Bombina have a really smashing time together--none of that evil, nasty witch stuff--and Parsley even convinces her adoptive mother to stop transforming things.  Parsley grows up to be rather beautiful, although her teeth are permanently stained green.

Meanwhile, back at the castle...

Prince Tansy is having an awful time of hit.  His twin brother-brats, Princes Randolph and Rudolph, constantly do horrible things and then blame Tansy.  Their father always believes the Royal Twits, and so Tansy gets punished.  He's kind of a royal drudge.

Parsley has a spyglass, and she notices all the unfairness at the castle.  When, one day, she finally meets Tansy, Bombina blows her top and accidentally transforms Parsley into a toad!  Shenanigans, of course, ensue.

Another fantastic entry in Levine's oeuvre!


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