What I'm Reading Wednesday

Yes.  I am still reading The Count of Monte Cristo.  Again, my dilly-dallying really has nothing to do with the book itself, but rather my inability to focus on one thing at a time.  Somehow, Dumas has managed to create une histoire encadrée dans une histoire encadrée.  I just like the way "frame story" sounds in French much better.  There are stories within stories within stories.  But he pulls it off, which is blowing my mind.

Also, I am still reading The Sword and the Lion by Roberta Cray.  Now we've gotten into the actual war part of the novel, which is set in an ancient-Greek-esque society, so there's phalanxes and spears and javelins galore.  Two hours on a plane helped me get through a good chunk of this.

With these two books, it's a bit like savoring a delicious meal.  You want it to last.  You take little bites to prolong the pleasure derived from the presentation.

I've also got Contagion by Scott Sigler lined up to start tomorrow.  I like to balance out my longer reads with faster, action-packed ones.  This is book two in a series that began with Infected, which seriously freaked me out because there was a lot of cutting alien triangles out of your skin, and I hate, hate, hate, hate skin issues.  Not on other people--on me.  If I have a rash I am convinced I am dying and I want to cut it off (the rash).  It's totally irrational but ... it's me.  So why am I reading this series?  For one thing, it's exceedingly well-paced.  It's got actual character development (*faints*).  It's really, really, really scary.

I was shelving a bunch of books that were strewn (artfully, I like to tell myself) about my living room and I realized how many I have to read.  Yikes.  Most of them are juvenile fiction, which is great, because it goes a bit faster, but for every j fic I have, I've got Dune and Reamde staring back at me.  Doorstops.


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