Hopeless, You Give Comics A Bad Name

Avengers Arena, Vol. 3: Boss LevelAvengers Arena, Vol. 3: Boss Level by Dennis Hopeless
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This is, in all seriousness, probably the worst comic series I've ever read.  Granted, I don't read a ton of comics/graphic novels, and have only really gotten into them in the last few years, but there really are no words to describe how utterly bad this whole heap of compost is.

I don't know these characters.  I have a feeling that if I'd read Avengers Academy or other comics in which they appeared, I still wouldn't know them.  Other readers have pointed out that once interesting characters have been reduced to insipid cardboard cutouts.

The "plot," as it calls itself, is so full of holes that it is more hole than plot.  Why are some superheroes still alive?  Why is that guy in the water tank?  Since when was that one guy in love with his best friend?  HOW DID THE SUPERHEROES FIND THEM AT THE END?  Why did no one notice/care they were gone?

I am never reading another thing by Dennis Hopeless.  Ever.  His last name, if that really is his last name, says it all.

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