Hey-o, guess what? #WeNeedDiverseBooks (still!)

Too often, a galvanizing social campaign fizzles without achieving its goal--not due to active resistance, but to passive lassitude.  Participants assume that the individual need not do any more to push the campaign because "someone else will do it."  When the whole group stops acting because "someone else will do it," the end result is that nothing is accomplished.  See, for example, the #Occupy movement.  I honestly had to poke around my brain for a moment to remember what that whole shebang was actually called

I'm not saying you have to join a movement to change the world and become a fanatic.  But if you believe in something, stick to it.  Strong beliefs eventually meld with personality and become who you are

Recently, I've seen some tweets and Tumblr posts about how after the initial push, bloggers "aren't doing enough" to keep the #WeNeedDiverseBooks campaign going.  Blogs and Twitter users can't talk about that all the time, but those of us who are editors, librarians, teachers, publishers, and authors should always keep it in mind when ordering or selecting books.  Readers should evaluate their habits and ask themselves, "How do I picture the main character?  Why do I see him or her that way?"  I know that I am now scrutinizing my ordering lists for YA fiction much more carefully than I did in the past.  I'm seeking out books that present diverse viewpoints and characters. 

So keep talking. 


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