This is what amuses me...

As I've mentioned, I like to peruse lists of upcoming books on Goodreads.  I often find some interesting titles and descriptions.  I'm not in any way affiliated with Goodreads or any of these authors, and this is just my own personal opinion.  I don't have anything against these authors in any way.  I just have a twisted sense of humor.

State of Infection: "A zombie/Civil War novel."  Hmm. This raises several questions.  Did zombies cause the Civil War?  Are the noninfected using the zombies to fight for them?  Do you only become a zombie after you die in battle?

Hang on, I just clicked on the book and read a longer synopsis.  Evidently this isn't the Civil War, it's about a Second Civil War (which really should be specified in the first place). It looks like all of the 5-star reviews are by sockpuppets* ... no one loves any zombie book that much.  Stay classy, author.  Because no one notices that all of those accounts started up this month and the only book they've read and rated as 5-star quality stuff is yours.  Ugh.

After sitting here for a few minutes, if a New York physician is so insecure about his novel that he needs fake accounts, eh, I don't care.  That's really ethical.

I'd like to quote this tidbit from the blurb for A Betty's Pledge, Vol. 1: (note: I have no idea why my text size just changed.  I blame the fact that I was working on a Windows ... thing earlier)

"Too many men out there favor the trashy crap that often parades around the local bars and college hangouts. "  Yay women!  Unless you are "trashy crap."  In which case, boo hiss.  I can't believe this.

Turkey: A Short History.  This seems mildly impossible.  (FYI: It's about the country, not the game bird.)  I don't think it would be a simple task to reduce the history of an area that's been zinging between "East" and "West" for centuries into a short beach read.  Nor is it necessarily a good idea.

Someday Always Comes
I had no idea.  Just remember, tomorrow never dies.

Bald New World.  Hmm.  Alopecia.  Scourge of the dystopian future?

Unchopping A Tree.  This book provides "mystical instructions" for putting a tree back together.  Is that like "Unbreak My Heart?" 

This author's name is too good not to comment on: "Vincent B. Chip LoCoco."  Sounds like Momo B. ChaCha from Libba Bray's Beauty Queens. (Psst.  Read that.  It's insanely good.)

I leave you with this title and cover: Dog Aliens 2: Oreo


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