Red Rising Review is ... Rising? Sometime ...

I finished Pierce Brown's Red Rising last night and I'm still processing it.  I didn't know, even when I finished, whether I loved or hated it.  I'm  pretty sure I didn't hate it, but I'm not yet sure if I loved it.  I think I did.

I actually stayed up thinking about it, which was kind of a bad move, because we had an early staff meeting this morning where I actually had to think about programming and stuff that people care about.  Then I went to a dentist/scam artist who told me I had eight (8! Ocho! Huit! Acht!) cavities and wanted to fill them for almost $2000.  Needless to say, that completely derailed my line of thought and took up time I would usually use to write blog posts, etc.

Hopefully, tomorrow I will have figured this all out.  Or, maybe next week. 


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