On Books and Shoes

The stereotypical composite woman, as defined by Hollywood and/or chicklit and/or any random dude you encounter on the street, probably has a fanatical love of shoes.  Obviously, this is not true of every woman on the face of the earth, because life just doesn't work that way, yet it is a myth that persists.  I blame Sex and the City, of which I never saw one episode, but I know enough about it to kind of despise the weirdly twisted aspirational thinking it engendered in many women.  I, being female, am supposed to get all faint at the sight of an $800 pair or shoes, have a walk-in shoe closet, compare shoe notes with my besties,* et cetera.

I'd much rather buy books.

Even better, I'd rather go to the library (where I work, so yes, I am biased, but hear me out) and check out a massive pile of books for FREE.

Don't get me wrong: I like shoes.  I can appreciate them aesthetically, and I, of course, have favorite pairs of shoes.  Unfortunately, the shoes I would like to buy are out of my price range, and so I content myself with Target, because Target is the jam.  I browse the Nordstrom Shoes page and add gajillions of shoes to my Pinterest pages but never buy any of them (side note: I think Nordstrom is reading my brain right now because their featured shoes for me are all pointy toe d'Orsay flats, which I have been obsessed with for about two months.  They want all my money.).  Plus, I know that if I buy shoes, I will like them for a while, and then get bored with them.  I might even realize (horrors!) that they are fantastically uncomfortable and I never wear them again.  Blast.

Books are different, though.  I don't need to write some sort of fancy, purple-prosy woo-wah about how books take you places and teach you things.  That's why you have Wikiquote and Pinterest.  Go find your inspirational quotes elsewhere.  But at the library, books, and therefore fantasy and ray guns and recipes and yes, even books about shoes (which I do read) are all free!  Even were I to buy books, it would work out to like 1 book for every .33 shoe or something, which means I could have proportionally more books than shoes.  You can't wear books, unless that is your arty hipster Etsy store, but books burrow into your mind and soul and change you, fundamentally.

No shoe in the world, no matter how pretty, can do that.

*I loathe this word with the fiery passion of a million suns, and am here using it ironically, in case you didn't know.


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