Nothing to See Here

I'm completely bogged down.

No, scratch that.  I'm not motivated.  I'm lazy.  It's springtime.  I want to be outside!

I'm still working my way through The Sorcerer of the North (which is a slightly misleading title, hee!) by John Flanagan.

FBP turned out to be a total bust (at least for me).  I got super-confused when our main character, Adam, went off into "the desert," which I assumed was in Mexico, since that's where his dad was last seen.  There, he met his uncle, who dressed not unlike a Sikh.  Unless he just happened to be a Sikh man living in the desert wilds of Mexico.  You know.  As you do.

I have to tackle more of the ARCs piling up (digitally, of course) on my Kindle, too.  Yikes.

You'll find me hiding under my bed for the next few days.


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