If I could, I'd use a meme for the title of this post

... the "Fry is thinking" meme.  Thusly:

I mean, some blogs I read post content multiple times per day.  Now, that might be easier if you're doing, say, a nail blog, where you can do different swatches and so forth, but with books, it's a lot harder.  Plus, I don't go in so much for criticism and thinky-thinky Let Us Discuss Issues, mostly because other blogs like Stacked Books or Book Riot or really any of the authors and bloggers I follow on Twitter and Tumblr do it so well already.  Mostly I read their super-insightful thoughts and I'm like, "Wow.  Uh, my blog post is about silly book titles!  Yours discusses privilege in YA sci-fi.  I'm going to go hide now."

These people can write, man.  Well, both blogs I cited have multiple writers, but even so, that's a lot of good content updated often.

And here I am.  Went to C2E2 (a comic con in Chicago) over the weekend and stayed an extra night just to experience a fantastic downpour + wind and am now exhausted and I didn't finish any books.  I had two train rides on which I could have been reading.  Well, okay, on the way down there I started an ARC, but I'm finding it increasingly difficult to stay invested in that particular story.  We'll see if I finish.  Then, I started another book that I purchased on my Kindle a long, long time ago in the same galaxy we're in now, thankyouverymuch, but never started reading because it is book 1 in a series and I'm pretty sure I'll need to just plow through the whole thing.

And then there were publishers handing out free books (free books!  I'm a librarian and the lure of "free books" still calls to me like a siren song) at C2E2 so I got a bunch of those and I realized I have to write a newsletter blurb for work and I cannot stop finding excuses.

So here we are.  I am currently reading five books.  I just need a kick in the pants to finish it.  I want to be like teh awesome bloggerz who do it while working their regular jobs.  This is a combination shameless excuse + shout-out to book bloggers post.

I leave you with my two favorite cosplays that I saw at C2E2. They weren't the most elaborate, but they were the wittiest and they made me laugh.


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