Please Don't Blame Me for the Pee


As you may or may not know, I'm a youth services librarian.  That's a fancy way of saying I do both kids and teen stuff.  Patrons tend to think we're babysitters and/or cleaning staff.  In point of fact, the library has professional cleaning staff, whom we pay to, you know, clean the library.  I'm certainly not above doing my share of the cleaning during the day.  I mean, come on, you think I'm going to leave puke on the shelf next to the DVDs?  No way, baby.  I bust out the gloves, put up my hazard cone, and get to work.  We have all the necessary accoutrements to deal with Your Accident.

That being said, I'd like to point out that the best thing for everybody is to (wait for it) not pee or poop in the library unless you are in a bathroom.  (I understand that vomit is kind of another beast, especially with wee ones, so I understand if someone who's like, two, horks out of nowhere).  Please do not pee in our infant play space.

And if you are a parent, and you notice said pee, please don't blame the librarian.  I swear, I did not pee in the infant play space.  It would be greatly appreciated if you would tell me that there is pee there, instead of informing me 15 minutes before closing that you "did me a favor" by cleaning it up yourself.  And by "cleaning it up," you mean putting a basket over the pee.  Thanks.  I had a weird sense that somehow this person thought it was my fault that another child peed in an inappropriate place.

We librarians are extremely awesome people.  However, we don't possess certain abilities that you might think we do.  Some things that we cannot do (I swear), are:

  • Use x-ray vision 
  • Use psychic powers to know what you want and/or who you are
  • Prevent peeing, pooping, and puking (the three Ps) by willpower alone
  • Give you a book that is checked out of the library.  It is not in the library.  I cannot give it to you.  I am sorry.  It is a physical impossibility.
This has been a friendly update from your friendly youth services librarian (who is probably better equipped to deal with pee than many people). 


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