I Survived My First Conference Roadtrip!

To tell the truth, I'm awfully tired of tagging everything #pla2014 on my social media.  Four days of conferencing has left me both burnt out and totally inspired.  I'm completely ready to do fantastic, fun new things at my job.  I'm confident that my teen programs will blossom.  I just have to be patient.  (Note: Not my best quality)

But, boy, those conferences suck all the energy out of you.  Which, you know, is completely bizarre because for a lot of it, I sat on my rump.  And since we drove--7 librarians in a minivan--for five hours (one-way), my bottom is now semi-permanently pancaked.  But we all made it okay and had lots of fun.

I have to say, my favorite session was the one called "Beyond Duct Tape," about alternative (and super-successful!) teen programming!  Kelly from Stacked Books was there (minor fangirl moment) and so was Storytime Katie (which I totally call her in my head all the time.  I hope that isn't too creepy)!  Of course, I loved the other speakers as well and now my blog feed has EXPLODED with AWESOMENESS.

Another holy-mackerel-is-this-really-happening-to-me moment occurred when I got to hear John Green speak at the YA luncheon.  He signed my book (Paper Towns, which is one I haven't read) and I acted like a complete nincompoop.  More on that later.

As of right now I think I've been up for ... I don't know, 18 hours?  I could probably claim some sort of incapacitation if someone complained that this post was horribly written and contained far too much passive voice (which it does, but I'm just too tired to go fix all of that.  Plus, active voice can sound pretentious in certain situations).

Pursuant to the above, I have nothing else meaningful to say at the moment and will do something a bit more in-depth when my brain isn't malfunctioning.


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